MMEX Resources Corp.


MMEX Resources Corporation (Trade Symbol: MMEX) is a company with resource development capabilities for global energy demand assets in the US and Canada. The management team of the company has the best experience in the natural resource project development in North and South regions of America. The present focus of the company is on Brazil, Peru and Texas. The areas of interest of the company are in potential development of refineries with oil and gas assets in Texas, Peru, Brazil and Latin America.

The company is looking for a refinery project in West Texas as there is a dire need for refinery in that region for processing the lighter crude. There is access to wholesale and retail US markets by operating in this region, including the parts relating to South America, Central America and Mexico. There is continuous supply of crude feedstock in Permian Basin.

Pecos County Refinery Project in Texas has a great location for the strategic business operations. The storage capacity is towards a higher level and there are many options existent for transporting the products. It was announced in the shareholder letter in April this year that a term sheet with international debt funding for technical department. The increased project construction costs in West Texas are requiring huge funds from the stock holders. There is a boom in cement, steel and construction worker rates in the Permian Basin region.

The company will continue to raise the equity funding for Phase 1 through private placements. The refining industry fundamentals have been encouraging in the present times. The take-away capacity of the crude pipelines from the Permian Basin to the Texas Gulf Coast is restrained to ship more crude oil. There is a push to start the construction and develop commercial operations by taking the benefit of the discounts being added to the purchase of feedstock. The location to refinery in Texas is helpful in the rain transport and it is the major advantage in getting the crude storage and transport facilities in the most desirable way. The ‘Energy Indicators’ report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has discussed the Texas and Permian Basin Rig Count, Spot Oil Prices, Midland Crude Prices, Texas Oil and Gas Employment and Permian Takeaway Capacity.

Jack Hanks, CEO & Director MMEX, has assured a positive response to the company’s progress. He has an experience in investment in Oil & Gas related assets in the United States. His experience with the degree in Petroleum Land Management from University of Texas has been a great help in making the career move. The strategic association of the company with VFuels was made by Mr. Hanks and he associated with the best partner for the modular processes. The strategic relation was meant for ensuring the construction of crude distillation in a timely way.

MMEX Resources Corporation is a development stage company engaged in the exploring, refining, distribution and extraction of O & G products. The scope of the company for shareholders is growing with its new power projects initiated in many parts of the US.

Fannie Mae


Fannie Mae is the short name of Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA). It is a government-sponsored company in the United States and was established in 1968. This publicly traded company has the major purpose of expansion of the secondary mortgage market with the idea of MBS (Mortgage-Backed Securities. It allowed the lenders for reinvestment of their assets and reduction of the reliability on local-based savings and loan associations. Its sister concern is Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC).

It was reported in July 2008 that the company would be taken over by the US government officials with their financial situations getting worse in the US housing crisis. There was a great slump in the real-estate market and the government officials considered the explicit government guarantee through legislation of debt owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae. There was heavy debt on both the companies and the finance-market people acclaimed that the companies will go bankrupt. The whole US mortgage market was underpinned by Fannie and Freddie. The bonds of these companies were owned by money markets and Chinese government and bankruptcy were not possible for them. The government directive for purchasing the bad loans from private banks prevented these banks from falling. The authority of the US Treasury to advance the funds for the stabilization of Fannie Mae is limited by the debt amount permitted by the entire government in the legal terms.

On June 16, 2010, the company announced the de-listing of their stocks from New York Stock Exchange. The direction was given as the stock prices went below $1/ share for 30+ days. Since then, the stocks of the company are traded with the ticker symbol FNMA on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board. The company announced in May 2013 for giving a dividend of about $ 60 billion to the US Treasury. The financial results of the company grew with the dividends paid to the treasury. It resulted in the total dividend payment of $134.5 billion through Dec 2014 which was more than the receipt of the company in support.

Fannie Mae works by borrowing the money at lower rates of interest and re-investing the funds into mortgage-backed securities and whole mortgages. It borrows the debt by selling bonds and providing liquidity to mortgage originators by buying the whole loans. The loans are purchased and are securitized for the investment market. The company works with the compulsion by the law to provide liquidity for mortgaging the originators in all the economic conditions. The company even gets a significant portion of income from the guarantee fees received as a compensation for the assumption of the credit risk on the mortgage loans.

The 52-week range of the FNMA stocks is $ 1.21- $ 3.31. The company has recently announced the 7th sale of re-performing stocks. It has also announced 2 credit insurance risk transfer transactions on the Single-Family loans of $10 Billion value. The company has a lot of competency and would certainly bloom in the years to come.

DSG Global Inc.


DSG Global, Inc. was earlier known as Boreal Productions Inc and has its headquarters in Surrey, Canada. The company began its operations in September 2007 and has been developing technical solutions for last decade. There are commercial, government and military segment applications of the company’s products being designed, manufactured and marketed.

The major activity of the company is to rent and sale GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking systems and golf-vehicle interfacing with the related services. There are TAG suite products being installed around the world in golf centers and facilities as commercial applications. TAG system vehicle control operates independently in the company and it gives alphanumeric TEXT and high-definition TOUCH as the two display options. DSG Global has its existence in the various regions, like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The technology offered by the company is being used in over ten thousand vehicles and approx. 250 courses all over the world. There are also agricultural applications floated by the company. The company tracks mileage, current speed, idle time and vehicle condition with its tools. Along with GPS tracking, the company also offers the geo-fencing technology.

DSG Global was founded by a group of people who dedicated their career to the technology-driven innovations for the advanced developments. The company releases the shareholder updates to provide information to its stockholders and keep them informed about the financial status of the company on regular basis. It has a transparent financial structure which is one of the best features. The company has introduced its new product INFINITY LX and will move towards the development of the existing platforms. With this development and announcement made by the company, it has secured a better position in the stocks.

It was not easy for DSG to produce the products required by their end-users. 3G-4G/ LTE TAG is the designing and concept by DSG. The first units have been deployed throughout the different regions of North America. There are also arrangements made to enter with the world’s largest electronics company for commercial and industrial users. INFINITY product line is into highlights and the company is anticipating the best returns from this venture. The new process is designed with full efficacy and reduction of delivery delays to produce the best results in the industry. The partnership deals with Australian company are also designed for the purpose of growing the visibility of INFINITY. The restructuring and growth plans are well revealed to the shareholders and associates. The company is also hiring a law firm specializing in debt litigation and remediation for defending the company against the lawsuits filed. The restructured plan of the company also had an association with OTCWORKOUTS, LLC. and it converted the major shareholders into variable new share designations.

There are many chances for the company to get better balance sheet and removal of debt for the company to be in much stronger cash position. The company’s products and businesses will grow in the upcoming phases and it is expected to eliminate the debt very soon.

Rising Biosciences Inc.


RSII Rising India officially changed its name to RBII Rising Biosciences on May 31, 2018. This was done with the wholesome change of the old ownership and business levels to the new mode. The market capitalization of the company is $4.39M. Rising Biosciences Inc. is a pharmaceutical R & D company focusing on the topical and oral pharma products having strict standard sets. The company has recently announced its working with producers in California, Ohio, and Arizona for production of the products under licensing agreements. These products will be made available to the dispensaries at the end of September. The company has got approval from FINRA for the ticker change and it is recently recognized by OTC markets under ticker RBII. The company has got its own business module and ideologies after getting its new business terms and ideologies.

The board has voted to move ahead with the filing of registration with SEC for becoming the fully reporting company. The present scenario of the company is to find out a legal help and auditing firm towards QB for meeting the listed qualifications to become a part of the major stock exchanges. The company is also under the process of taking interviews of the digital marketing firms to assist the public relations and marketing with its revolutionary product line. Mr. Robert Weber, Chief Operating Officer, announced that Rising Biosciences have entered their contract with Reed Tech Life Sciences which is an OTC Prescription Drug and Medical device company in professional business. FDA testing of the company’s TSW Pain cream products is also in the final stages. The drug handling of FDA listing requirements will be helpful in floating the product in the market.

National Drug Code (NDC) is also needed for the physicians to mention the prescriptions for the pain creams. The version of these creams will be floated in the retail market also. The stem cell cream has got into the production and will be available in the market very soon. This product will be first marketed through Amazon. It is expected that the growth of this product will be very effective for the customer reception for stem cell cream. The company’s updates will be presented on Twitter as Rising Biosciences have a great responsiveness on social media. The statements are given in the newsletters and press releases reveal that the plans and objectives of the company involve risks and uncertainties. Buying stocks of the company could be lucrative but an in-depth study is required to make the right decision. The investors can’t be sure that the company will give actual and accurate results from those anticipated in the statements. The business policies are very well depicted but there might be cases of technical complications which could prevent the implementation of significant plans outlined in the policies. There is no revision or update in any form required for reflecting the events or circumstances after the release date.

The company’s new policies are very lucrative and there are chances for it to grow in the coming future.