DSG Global Inc.


DSG Global, Inc. was earlier known as Boreal Productions Inc and has its headquarters in Surrey, Canada. The company began its operations in September 2007 and has been developing technical solutions for last decade. There are commercial, government and military segment applications of the company’s products being designed, manufactured and marketed.

The major activity of the company is to rent and sale GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking systems and golf-vehicle interfacing with the related services. There are TAG suite products being installed around the world in golf centers and facilities as commercial applications. TAG system vehicle control operates independently in the company and it gives alphanumeric TEXT and high-definition TOUCH as the two display options. DSG Global has its existence in the various regions, like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The technology offered by the company is being used in over ten thousand vehicles and approx. 250 courses all over the world. There are also agricultural applications floated by the company. The company tracks mileage, current speed, idle time and vehicle condition with its tools. Along with GPS tracking, the company also offers the geo-fencing technology.

DSG Global was founded by a group of people who dedicated their career to the technology-driven innovations for the advanced developments. The company releases the shareholder updates to provide information to its stockholders and keep them informed about the financial status of the company on regular basis. It has a transparent financial structure which is one of the best features. The company has introduced its new product INFINITY LX and will move towards the development of the existing platforms. With this development and announcement made by the company, it has secured a better position in the stocks.

It was not easy for DSG to produce the products required by their end-users. 3G-4G/ LTE TAG is the designing and concept by DSG. The first units have been deployed throughout the different regions of North America. There are also arrangements made to enter with the world’s largest electronics company for commercial and industrial users. INFINITY product line is into highlights and the company is anticipating the best returns from this venture. The new process is designed with full efficacy and reduction of delivery delays to produce the best results in the industry. The partnership deals with Australian company are also designed for the purpose of growing the visibility of INFINITY. The restructuring and growth plans are well revealed to the shareholders and associates. The company is also hiring a law firm specializing in debt litigation and remediation for defending the company against the lawsuits filed. The restructured plan of the company also had an association with OTCWORKOUTS, LLC. and it converted the major shareholders into variable new share designations.

There are many chances for the company to get better balance sheet and removal of debt for the company to be in much stronger cash position. The company’s products and businesses will grow in the upcoming phases and it is expected to eliminate the debt very soon.