Max Sound Corporation


Max Sound Corp. is a company dealing with the development of audio-technology software. The activities involve the product selling and licenses for the recording of sound and playback MAX-D HD audio technology. The company was founded on December 9, 2005, by Greg J. Halpern. The headquarters of the company is located in Santa Monica, CA. The company markets in music recording, video games, Internet audio and video, consumer electronics, motion picture and broadcasting.

John Blaisure is the CEO and President of Max Sound Corporation. The companies in which he has worked before became market leaders in their own stream. He does the best marketing and planning of communication technologies from the ground level and takes up the team in coordination with the company’s policies. He has been working remarkably in bringing Max D to make it a standard in the audio technology world. The shareholders are entrusting the policies given by the company for making the investment.

Max Sound Corporation has been providing leading solutions for short sale trading, market integrity and regulation of SHO compliance monitoring. The regulations include the marketing activities for making sales and purchases in the required amounts. MaxD market makers have complied with Fair Market-Making requirements and Reg SHO. The creator’s acclaim that MAX HD Audio and Max Sound can provide the better audio-video solutions and data transmissions. Max Sound Corporation uses the Optimized Data Transmission Technology patient portfolio. The registered trademarks of the company are HD Audio®, MAXD®, Max Sound®, and MAXD Audio Perfected®.

Max D audio helps in enhancement of one’s life with the power of music. Audio music can touch you from inside and dances within you. Quality HD audio is the new trend and Max-D has enhanced video, licensing and mobile app associations. There are many applications provided by Max D for music, movies, video streaming and live events. The Embedded Chip technology can restore the natural sound field making the compressed audio sounding like the original audio at the playback timing on any device. There are encoding and pre-processing of the audio is not necessary and the chip is designed for embedding into TV receivers, LCD, plasma, PVRs, set-up boxes, DBS, PCs, satellite radios, camcorders, PDAs, wireless telephones, cell phones and many more applications. The quality of sound is increased by the Max-D technology and hence, the quality of listening is improved. The lost information is re-synthesized during the process of compression and the compressed audio becomes a full sound wave. The subsidiaries of the company include VSL Communications, Audio Genesis Group, LLC and  Liquid Spins, Inc. The present day’s range of the stock prices is $ 0.0003-0.0004. The market cap of the company is $ 2.281 M and the growth would be expected only if there are more stockholders trusting the company. MAXD and its shareholders have recently announced that they are being victimized by Manipulative Trading Practices by different resources for last 3 years. The resolution of these issues will lead towards a better scope for the company to grow in its respective stream.