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The OTCBB is the essence of capitalism, it represents small companies fighting for survival in a world dominated by BIG CORPORATIONS. That is probably what draws us to this market, we are cheering for the Under Dog. Our investment in a penny stock company is “venture capital” that keeps these companies afloat while they struggle towards profitability. We have told many of my friends that investing in microcap stocks is like investing in Joe’s Garage in your neighborhood, except riskier. At Least you can stop by and visit with Joe and see how the business is performing. With OTCBB companies the financial information is usually limited and most of the news releases are actually press releases furnished and written by the companies themselves so your information is a little bias or tainted. You are investing based on MOMENTUM and nothing more in most cases. The trick is having the experience and knowledge to stay ahead of the information and identify momentum trends so you can capitalize on OTC Bulletin Board opportunities. That is where we become priceless.
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We work hard to provide our subscribers with stock picks that we believe, based on our investing experience, will move quickly and with gains between 25% and 100% .

Our picks are selected independently by our staff, and we DO NOT accept compensation from the companies featured.

We focus on: Penny Stocks, Cannabis Stocks, Penny Stocks Trading, Penny Stock Picks, OTCBB News and Research. In a single trading day you can EARN a 100% plus gain on your investment or lose your entire stake.  Most Penny stocks are controlled by Market Makers who move the stock so quickly up and down that either you can’t buy them before they have spiked up, or you can’t sell them before they have fallen through the floor.

Since February of 2000, we have been presenting penny stocks every week that we believe have the greatest potential to rise by 20% to 40% over a few days.  Our experience showed us that these stocks give the investor the best opportunity, in our opinion,  to receive a reasonably high return with less downside risk and less trading problems than you find with pump and dump stock picks.  We clearly post our track record for the last four years on the “Scoreboard” page, and suggest that our visitors review our record before subscribing.  Our penny stock newsletter and penny stocks website is designed to share our opinions and penny stock picks developed from our years of experience and knowledge as penny stock investors. We also explain OTCBB strategies and ways to research otcbb stocks that we have used  to make money in the OTC Bulletin Board Market.

Thank you for visiting our OTCBB website, we realize you have a busy schedule and we appreciate you
spending some time with us. The staff wanted to introduce ourselves to our visitors who want to know more
about the people behind Penny Stock Advisory Newsletter.To give you an idea of our background and experience, Ray and I have been investing in stocks and real
estate for over 25 years. Both of us have business degrees, we are owners and operators of small
businesses and we worked for a Fortune 500 company that is one the largest corporations in the world for
over 15 years.Penny Stock Advisory Newsletter started three years ago during the final phase of the biggest “Bull
Market” we have ever seen. Since that time the markets have fallen and with the fall we have watched many
OTCBB Web Sites and friends disappear from the web. We believe that keeping our sense of humor and
understanding that there is money to be made in the OTCBB Market during good and bad economic
conditions have been key to our survival.Ray and I enjoy publishing this newsletter and we hope that our humor brings about a smile while our
experience as investors helps make your OTCBB trading experience profitable. We are not always right
but I would hold up our track record against anyone’s, and I firmly believe that we have developed an OTCBB
Trading Strategy that works. Our picks are selected independently by the PSA Newsletter staff, and we do
not receive any compensation from the companies featured.We welcome input from our subscribers and visitors, and if you have comments, positive or negative, we
hope you will share those thoughts with us. Below is an e-mail button that you may use to contact us. 

As our country emerges from war and a bear market, we believe the timing could be excellent to maximize
stock investment profits. As we have told our subscribers in the past, it is very important that you monitor
your penny stock investments constantly.


We hope that you enjoy your visit with us and that you become a subscriber.





Lance and Ray


Our staff researches a grouping of about 30 otcbb stock picks
per week to find the best penny stock picks possible. Our staff
uses news releases, past performance, support levels, volume,
price fluctuations and momentum. We share the research with
our OTCBB stock newsletter subscribers giving them the ability
to make their own decisions on our otcbb stocks picks.
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Visit our “Strategy Page”, which outlines in detail how we as
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market strategies on subjects including: Averaging Down,
Setting Sell Limits, Gapping, Researching Online and
Market Maker Strategies.


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Penny Stock Advisory Market Strategy outlines the way we play the market
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review. After we research your submission we will consider it for being featured as a