Rising Biosciences Inc.


RSII Rising India officially changed its name to RBII Rising Biosciences on May 31, 2018. This was done with the wholesome change of the old ownership and business levels to the new mode. The market capitalization of the company is $4.39M. Rising Biosciences Inc. is a pharmaceutical R & D company focusing on the topical and oral pharma products having strict standard sets. The company has recently announced its working with producers in California, Ohio, and Arizona for production of the products under licensing agreements. These products will be made available to the dispensaries at the end of September. The company has got approval from FINRA for the ticker change and it is recently recognized by OTC markets under ticker RBII. The company has got its own business module and ideologies after getting its new business terms and ideologies.

The board has voted to move ahead with the filing of registration with SEC for becoming the fully reporting company. The present scenario of the company is to find out a legal help and auditing firm towards QB for meeting the listed qualifications to become a part of the major stock exchanges. The company is also under the process of taking interviews of the digital marketing firms to assist the public relations and marketing with its revolutionary product line. Mr. Robert Weber, Chief Operating Officer, announced that Rising Biosciences have entered their contract with Reed Tech Life Sciences which is an OTC Prescription Drug and Medical device company in professional business. FDA testing of the company’s TSW Pain cream products is also in the final stages. The drug handling of FDA listing requirements will be helpful in floating the product in the market.

National Drug Code (NDC) is also needed for the physicians to mention the prescriptions for the pain creams. The version of these creams will be floated in the retail market also. The stem cell cream has got into the production and will be available in the market very soon. This product will be first marketed through Amazon. It is expected that the growth of this product will be very effective for the customer reception for stem cell cream. The company’s updates will be presented on Twitter as Rising Biosciences have a great responsiveness on social media. The statements are given in the newsletters and press releases reveal that the plans and objectives of the company involve risks and uncertainties. Buying stocks of the company could be lucrative but an in-depth study is required to make the right decision. The investors can’t be sure that the company will give actual and accurate results from those anticipated in the statements. The business policies are very well depicted but there might be cases of technical complications which could prevent the implementation of significant plans outlined in the policies. There is no revision or update in any form required for reflecting the events or circumstances after the release date.

The company’s new policies are very lucrative and there are chances for it to grow in the coming future.